Missing Expresso Show!! 🙂


Styling the Expresso presenters over the past year and a half has been nothing short of being the most amazing milestone in my career.  I have fondly dubbed them “my kids” as every morning when they step into wardrobe I lay out their clothes, neatly pressed, making sure that they look and feel impeccable before I send them on their way to do what they were born to do….All the while watching them on screen, step by step, until “school’s out”.  Our director once told me something that has stuck with me… He told me that essentially what we create, second by second, infiltrates each and every viewer’s lives in the most personal way.  We are invited into their homes every morning when they flip that switch, and we chill with them for two and a half hours.  So what ever we do…we can give nothing less than everything that…

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